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Social Media Engagement

Use Engagement as Your Social Media Backbone

by Naomi, DSP Social Media Assistant

The Internet is a bit like Times Square with a seller on every corner.  Authors often ask me how to get their voices heard over the crowd and I tell them you don’t want to even be in that crowd of hawkers.  Instead of vying to make your promotions heard over the next person’s, try engagement.

Social media engagement is not about your followers but how involved you are in your social media community.  Who do you follow and interact with on the social media platforms you belong to? Do you respond to reader or fellow author tweets, Facebook events or posts? Do you participate in community hashtags like #amreading, #ThrowBackThursday or #BooksThroughPhone? Engagement is about joining the conversation, not yelling above it or expecting others to draw you out.

Most social media experts suggest that eighty percent of your social media posts be some form of engagement.  This allows you to be a part of the conversation, not shouting above it. This is a perfect example of social media engagement by an author:

Engagement can also include snippets of your writing life that aren’t directly related to promotions. Followers love authors who share insider information on the writing process, inspiration and character quirks. Here’s an example of non-promotion engagement that still touches on an author’s book.

If eighty percent of your social media is engagement that leaves just twenty percent of your posts for direct promotions. This may seem too few but this approach is the difference between buying a car from a used car salesman and a family friend: if someone you know as a person says they’re selling something we’re all more likely to consider buying it. Examples of direct promotions:

  • My latest book releases tomorrow
  • My book is on sale here
  • Cover reveal for my latest book
  • Contract signed for my new book
  • Book blog gave my book a 5 star review

Social media engagement is the backbone of a strong social media life. Engaging in the book community will offer much greater rewards than trying to shout about your books above the crowd.

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