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Tuesday Tips: IFTTT

What is IFTTT?
by Naomi, DSP Social Media Assistant

IFTTT is an amazing service from the professional to the silly. Find IFTTT here…

Let’s see what it is and some of the recipes that authors may find helpful.

IFTTT is an abbreviation for If This Then That. This succinct explanation is from’s What The F*ck page

I am a New York Knicks fan so for illustrative purposes we’re going to use my fandom as an example of IFTTT.  Each IFTTT recipe starts with a trigger (if ESPN posts anything about the NY Knicks) then an action happens (Naomi gets a text message with a hyperlink to the article about the NY Knicks).

Many IFTTT recipes are already built by users and are called template recipes. New IFTTT users should start with those template recipes which simply require you to connect and login to your channel triggers. Here are some examples of popular IFTTT recipes:

So how can IFTTT help authors’ social media? In one word, simplification. You can build recipes so your Facebook posts automatically to Twitter; you could send your blog posts to Facebook just by posting on your blog; your Instagram pictures could be native pictures on Twitter; share the same links on Twitter and Tumblr.  If you get more involved you could use RSS Feeds like Amazon’s to be notified when a new book reaches the Kindle Top 100 Free eBooks list.

Of course, part of IFTTT fun is quirky services, like my Knicks recipe. Here are some of my personal favorite:  use Liam Neeson’s badass quote from “Taken” to scare someone into returning your phone; get notified of new Netflix streaming titles; convert files to Kindle format; save all the Goggle doodles in your Dropbox; automatically set your phone to mute at work by using your smartphone’s location settings. The recipe possibilities are nearly endless!

So give IFTTT a try if you have an hour to play—and let me know what cool recipes you come up with!

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