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How to Get Retweeted on Twitter

How to Get Retweeted on Twitter
by Naomi, DSP Social Media Assistant

Retweets are a great way to expand your reach on Twitter but how do you get retweeted? Here are some tips to increase your retweet-ability.

Don’t use all 140 characters in your initial tweet. If you do this then there will be no room for other users to add to your tweet.

Don’t tweet the same link multiple times and expect it to get retweeted. Most users (Dreamspinner included) won’t keep retweeting an old tweet or one that they’ve seen multiples times on their feed.

Do shorten your links using Hootsuite or Bitly so there are more characters for users who retweet you to add their thoughts.

Join a discussion. Users are more apt to retweet others who are involved in a conversation with them.

Retweet or favorite other users’ tweets. Twitter etiquette is if you want to be retweeted then you should periodically retweet others or at least favorite their tweets.

Finally, don’t get your feelings hurt if users with lots of followers, like Dreamspinner Press, don’t retweet you as often as you’d like. Users with big followers have to be careful with the number of retweets we send both to diversify our Twitter stream and so Twitter doesn’t suspend our account for spamming our followers.

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