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Tuesday Tips: Using Hootsuite to Manage Social Media Streams

Using Hootsuite to Manage Social Media Streams
by Janine, DSP Social Media Assistant
If you don’t work in social media you may not be familiar with social media management tools, like Hoosuite. Hootsuite’s free version has benefits for even the average social media user, particularly for users who want to tweet more professionally and save time doing so.
The features we’ll discuss in this post will be from Hootsuite’s free version. Hootsuite manages all the social media streams you link to it. This gives you one place to view all your streams but in easy to see columns.
The first benefit of Hootsuite is it enables you to schedule posts so you have continuous posting throughout the day (and night) without you having to be on social media day and night.
The other big benefit of Hootsuite is it provides a simple way to shorten links for posts so you don’t waste limited characters on links.

The last benefit we’ll discuss is Hootsuite’s ability to publish on more than one stream at a time. In this example I have Hootsuite set to publish on both Dreamspinner Press’s Twitter and Facebook Page.
Hootsuite is an easy way to manage unruly social media streams as it cross-publishes, shortens links and allows you to schedule your posts. Try the free version and come back to tell us what you think!

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth. I'll go and check it out – anything that simplifies social media has to be a good thing!

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