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Writing Goals 2014/2015

At the Dreamspinner Author Retreat in Portland this weekend, authors were invited to set goals for the ten months between now and when we meet again in Orlando for the 2015 Author Retreat. Anyone is welcome to add a goal in the comments. I have the written version on the sheets from the retreat, but if you’d like an accessible place to check on your goal or weren’t at the retreat, join in the fun here. 
How much will you write this year? 
50,000 words?
2 novels?
Do you have other writing or publishing related goals?
Leave a note about your goals in the comments.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth.

    My goals are kind of 'have tos'. I don't know word count because that invariably ends up changing but I do know what:

    5 Novellas
    5 Short Novels
    3 Novels

    As long as I keep to my goal for this week, this shouldn't be a problem (fingers crossed and knocking on wood). šŸ™‚

  2. My goals are pretty simple–surviving is a biggie. There's something of a mess, let's call it, left after my father's death, and my own health isn't helping things there. So practically, I'd like to get the last three "Archangel" novels submitted, finish and submit two contemporaries. I hope. LOL, that looks like a lot, but the last three "Archangel" books are written, done, the last one is with my lovely beta, Cate Ashwood, so it's mostly writing the summaries now.

  3. I'm starting my goals out small until I'm more comfortable. Two YA novellas and one DSP novel to be submitted by the deadline in February. Fingers crossed that I get them done and they are acceptable!

  4. 2 more novels in the Desires Entwined series, 2 novellas (both standalones), and a short for an anthology are where my goals stand right now. Thanks to miagraines, I'm not sure I'll manage that as I haven't been able to write much through them šŸ™ but I'm not giving up!

  5. Hi there! On the Yahoo group I said one novel and two novellas published but I meant submitted and accepted. Another goal is to hire someone to run the blog tour for my second novel's release in the Fall.

  6. I'm going to predict big….

    Three romance novels
    One YA Dystopian planet saga, with radiation storms and an evil fire-god.
    Four novellas –> Bonus points, if I can make them a series. I really must get the hang of this 'series' thing. I hear it's popular.
    Six short stories –> At least half scifi or fantasy.

  7. I have committed myself to (gulp) 5+ novels between now and then. Fingers crossed….

  8. I have a slight problem in that I committed last year to four novels, then spend six months writing ONE that ended up bing as long as 3 standard novels. Oops. But I know if I focus too much on word count, I'm only going to make trouble for myself and focus on numbers instead of story. Instead, I'm going to be more specific. Write *and* submit the following:

    Jealousy (Golden Collar 3)
    No Regrets (same world as No Sacrifice)
    and Firsts (GC 2.5)

    Hopefully, they won't take me six months each to write. *crosses fingers*

  9. Hi Elizabeth-

    I'm committed to 200k+ To include 1 DSP Novel and 5 Novella/shorts to complete my 6 Days series

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    I think writing goals out like this is a great idea and I will definitely come back and check this next year.

    I hope to complete one new novel, to finish one YA novel about autism and synesthesia that I'm halfway through, and to complete two novellas.

    Good luck everyone.


  11. I'm naming specific projects as I'm not sure whether one of them is a novel or novella. By this time next year I'm aiming to have finished and submitted – 'On Wings of Song' (WW1 novella, which is almost done so not sure that counts), 'The Harp and the Sea' (co-written with Lou Sylvre), 'Family & Reflection' (next Sleepless City) and 'One Word' (side novel/novella to Cat's Quill)

    Thanks for the opportunity to post here and join in – I really miss not being able to join you guys in person.

  12. I wrote down two novels and two shorts at the conference. More specifically, I want to finish books 2 and 3 of the series I just proposed (book 1 is written), write a short story for the third of an anthology series, and write another short, probably a standalone novella. No official word count goal, but since even my novels tend to be short, all of that would probably be around 175,000 words. šŸ™‚

  13. Not from Orlando, not even from America, but that's an interesting question. My goals are to finish two novels (50k each), two scripts (100 mins per one), one book of shorts (about 30 shorts), and start a new novel that I'm thinking about a lot. Go big or go home, hah!

  14. 60k/month. As I said, I step up or stop.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I would like to try and get my first series started. Novel length is what I always try for and I think those are more satisfying. Hopefully I can capture the fun and antics while still making it romantically cheesy! Fingers crossed that I'm not the only one who liked those old moonshine runner movies or had a crush on The Duke Boys šŸ˜‰

  17. I want to start my first real series with a title character that carries through. I want to continue to collaborate with Sion O'Tierney. I want to write a novel that truly scares me. Word-count wise? 200K maybe? But really, the other goals are more important to me right now. šŸ™‚ Can't wait to see everyone next year!

  18. Hi Elizabeth, I wasn't at the retreat, so do you have a copy of the goals sheet that I could use? I'll have to think about this and put my goals out here, too. What a fun idea! I'm using this new planner this year that helps me keep track of my goals, monthly and yearly, so far I love it! (I can send anyone the link, if they'd like, or post it here, too. They even have a free downloadable shorter version! And I know how we all love free!) I know my top writing goal this year is to send in my second in series to Mortal Enemies. It's been done, along with a few others, it just needed some work, plus editing, etc, but then I was in a terrible car accident, in which I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and severe spinal injuries at several levels, in both my cervical and lumbar spine, along with SI joint injuries. So… life has been… difficult, to say the least, and my writing was forced to take a back burner for awhile. With the TBI, it is very hard to get back into writing, as a lot of those areas, including memory and attentiveness, were injured, and after this long, they doubt I will ever overcome them. The 'old me' as they say, has been lost forever. And in it's place is this new person that I'm trying to get to know and like. My kids are in therapy for 'step mom' syndrome because of the drastic change. But, I am working hard. AND!! I have FINALLY finished the final run through/edit on the second in series, and am just reading it through now. ALMOST FINISHED!! YAY!! So, my TOP goal, is to submit that. Then next, of course, would be to work on the 3rd. I have some other work going on as well, that I'll share later. All in all, It's like learning to walk all over again. It's not easy, but I WILL one day be the writer I always dreamed of being! So, anyway, sorry, I tend to ramble on… think it may be the writer in me. If you happen to have a copy of the goals, I would love a copy to use. And then I will come back and share my goals later. I'm putting next years retreat on my calendar. I hope it's something I can do! How exciting!!

  19. I am so late to this! But my goal is 250k by the retreat in March. That's the next two books in The Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm Series and the first book of the Flip the Coin series. That's just for the books that I plan to submit to DSP. I also plan on writing 3 novels and 5 novellas as well. For me, that's low balling it. LOL.

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