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[Publishing] Revisiting Subscription Services – Follow Up Statistics

Almost 18 months before Oyster and eReatah, the German company Skoobe created an ebook subscription service that attracted 10,000 readers in its first year. The cost is10 Euros a month for a base subscription that allowed users to read 3 books at a time. You can browse their 30,000 titles at no cost.

Some interesting figures* have come out of Skoobe’s first year.
27% of users later buy a print copy of a book they read on Skoobe
16% of users later buy an ebook copy of a book they read on Skoobe
80% of users say the read books on Skoobe that they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise
60% of users say they spend more time reading since using the app

*figures courtesy of Publishing Perspectives

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