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[Pictures] Bent-Con 2013 Cosplay

Bent-Con 2013 Cosplay
Nessa Warin – our own Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails

Grace R. Duncan

Shira Anthony


This guy came as a whole movie. He also won the costume contest.

with my son PJ

The Atlantean Pool Party (because who doesn’t love merfolk, right Shira?)

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  1. Once they started dressing up, there were some great costumes.

  2. Great photos of great people in great costumes!

  3. There were some really magnificent ones and everyone wearing them seemed to have so much fun.

  4. Great pix, E! And such fantastic costumes!

  5. I was a little disappointed on Friday and early Saturday because there were so few costumes. I'm used to Yaoicon and DragonCon where cosplay is huge, but they really started showing up Saturday afternoon and some of them were incredible.

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