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Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013
Frankfurter Buchmesse

I thought everyone might enjoy a peak at the craziness that is the Frankfurt Book Fair.

20 seconds of the crowd that expands through 10 halls and several huge common areas.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Book Fair is open to the public. Families, teens and kids were everywhere.
On Saturday, they also hold the German Cosplay Championship, which leads to a far more interesting crowd than we get at BEA.
If you were here, what character would you want to be or see?

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  1. Great pictures, Elizabeth. What an exciting place to be!

    I love the steampunk(ish) costumes, but I've no idea which characters are being emulated.

  2. Aren't they great? Everything from Anime characters to Dr. Who, the invisible man, Jack Sparrow and Goth Lolitas. It is has been quite the show. 😀

  3. Do you remember the cosplayers from last year? I had forgotten until they showed up this year.

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