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Explosive Memories

Every year my boys put on a firework show at New Years and 4th of July. We live too far out to make it reasonable to drive into a public show anywhere. It has grown over the years to include an audience of 40-50 people, and Josh has become quite the pyrotechnician, spending weeks planning the order, color and sequence.

This show was a little bittersweet. For the last three years, Josh has run ideas by Patric Michael and eagerly shared the results when he was done. For two people that never met in person, they brainstormed everything from homemade fireworks to how to build a better mousetrap. Patric helped the boys figure out how to balance a 50 gal drum so they could drag it behind their golf cart and ride it like a runaway horse, gave them advice on rewiring some old displays they got from a store so the lights would coordinate with their video games, and shared stories from his youthful hijinks (including making homemade fireworks and accidentally shooting them off directly toward the local police station).

Come to think of it… maybe it was a good thing Patric and my boys lived on opposite coasts. The world might not have survived, but it is definitely a better place for the contact they did have.

Patric – this show was for you. *Damn, now I’m crying.*

This is the finale. Click full screen to really enjoy the show.

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