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Where You Buy Matters

Authors, publishers and readers are all part of an ecosystemdependent on each other for success. Next time you choose where to buy the top items on your “To Be Read” list, consider the following.

The newest release from your favorite author is available from dozens of retailers for the same price, but the amount that the publisher and author earn from that purchase varies.

When purchased directly from the publisher’s store, the full purchase price goes to the publisher, and author royalties are calculated off of that amount.

When purchased from a 3rd party retailer (Amazon, B&N), the store keeps between 30-50% of the retail price. The publisher is paid 50-70% of retail, and author royalties are calculated off that amount.

Authors can earn up to $1.30 more per book when you buy directly from the publisher

There are many reasons to choose where you buy your books: price, convenience, discounts, perks, formats available, customer service. Next time you are making that decision, factor in supporting the author and publisher. Small publishing companies and the authors we publish depend on your purchase for our success. More income means we can write/produce more books, and you are paying the same amount to enjoy the same book.

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