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How Readers Can Support Their Favorite Authors

A few months ago, a post went around Facebook that listed things a reader could do to support their favorite authors. It included some really good ideas, so I’ve decided to share them here along with a few of my own.

  1. Buy their books. This one seems so obvious, but ultimately authors have to pay their bills. Buy their books, and they will be able to write more books for you to read.
  2. Request that your local library shelve their books. If you can’t afford to buy their books (or even if you can), request them at your local library. Almost all libraries keep track of books that are requested, and it influences their buying. If your budget allows, consider purchasing a copy for your library. It will expose the book and the author to a whole new set of readers.
  3. Recommend the book to your friends. Word of mouth is still the #1 reason people buy a book.
  4. Don’t forget social media. When you are telling your friends, don’t forget Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Tweet when a book makes you laugh, or pin a cover.
  5. Post reviews. Reader reviews influence buying. Take the time to leave a simple review for books you enjoy. A line or two about why you liked the book is sufficient. Amazon, Dreamspinner Press, Goodreadsall accept reviews regardless of where you bought the book.
  6. Send the author feedback. Being an author can be a lonely business. It is easy to feel like no one is reading your books. Many authors list an email address in their bio. If they don’t, they may have a blog, Facebook page or Twitter. Send them a message. Let them know you liked their book. Share your favorite scene or a memorable line. I guarantee that a little positive feedback will make their day.
  7. Speak out against piracy. This one is related to #1. Every sale is important. Report piracy to the author or publisher when you find it, and talk with other readers about the importance of supporting authors with legitimate sales.

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