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Tuesday Tips: Five Reasons Readers Follow Authors

Five Reasons Readers Follow Authors’ Social Media
by Naomi, DSP Social Media Assistant

As an author you want to grow your followers. Understanding why readers follow you will help you provide content they’re interested in.

  1. To get unique content: readers follow you because you provide content they can’t get anywhere else. Examples: only you can share with readers why you choose to write, how you began and what your process is
  2. To get the inside scoop: readers want to feel they’re getting news about your books before others. Examples: cover reveals, title brainstorming, next characters in a series
  3. To know you as a person: readers want to see who is behind the books they read. This doesn’t mean you should air your personal businesses; instead find a balance between being personable and sharing your checking account number. Examples: what your desk looks like, what music you listen to when writing, what books are on your to-bed-read pile, what your favorite foods are.
  4. To interact with you: readers will use your social media as a way to start conversations with you. This is a double edged sword so balance is required but readers will expect some dialogue with you. Examples: Tweeting you with questions about your next release, Facebook messaging that they loved your book, commenting on your blog posts
  5. To be a part of the social media community: readers will want to see your thoughts on all things book related and if you participate in weekly online events. Examples: your thoughts on book conventions (and if you’ll be there), #TeaserTuesdays, #ThrowBackThursday

Readers follow authors (and anyone) they find interesting and engaging. It’s easier to make your social media enticing by knowing what readers/followers want from your streams.

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