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Tuesday Tips: Cage Match: Instagram versus Pinterest

Cage Match: Instagram versus Pinterest
by Naomi, DSP Social Media Assistant

It won’t be a surprise that Instagram and Pinterest are social media platforms for photo and video sharing. However, many users don’t realize Instagram and Pinterest are fundamentally different and these differences should determine which platform you use.

The basic difference between Instagram and Pinterest is that Instagram is used for original content and Pinterest is used to curate content from around the web. For example, if you want to photography and post your new paperback cover then you want to use Instagram; if you want to post your favorite book covers then use Pinterest. Instagram users demand original and unique content; Pinterest users expect you to filter and screen content from around the web.

The next difference is Pinterest has less interaction than Instagram. Pinterest users interact by “repinning” images and following boards of users they like.

Cardeno C. on Pinterest
Cardeno C. on Pinterest

Instagram uses hashtags, comments and likes for users to interact on the unique content other users post. Instagram is designed to encourage user dialogue so expect to spend time on interaction with Instagram that you won’t have with Pinterest.

Finally, the demographics are very different for Pinterest and Instagram. According to Pew Research Pinterest users are four times more likely to be women than men and they’re slightly older than Instagram users. Instagram users are split more evenly along gender lines and tend to be more urban and young than Pinterest users. See the full demographics here

These are the basic differences between Pinterest and Instagram though there are many others. Your decision to use Instagram and/or Pinterest should be determined by what your goals are, who you want to reach and how much interaction you want with your followers.

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