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10 Commandments for Writers

I read a lot of books about writing. As I run across tidbits I find interesting, I’ll share them. To be fair to the authors of the original work, it will only be a glimpse, but I’ll link the book in case something resonates with you and you’d like to read more.
Ten Commandments for Writers Tablets

10 Commandments for Writers

From Fiction Attack! Insider Secrets for Writing and Selling Your Novels & Stories — For Self-Published and Traditional Authors

  1. Thou Shalt write a certain number of words every week.
  2. Thou Shalt write passionate first drafts.
  3. Thou Shalt make trouble for thy Lead.
  4. Thou Shalt put a stronger opposing force in the Lead’s way.
  5. Thou Shalt get thy story running from the first paragraph.
  6. Thou Shalt create surprises.
  7. Thou Shalt make everything contribute to the story.
  8. Thou Shalt cut out all the dull parts.
  9. Thou Shalt develop Rhino skin.
  10. Thou Shalt never stop learning, growing, and writing for the rest of thy life.

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  1. Absolutely love these. Except 9. So unfashionable, but necessary.

  2. 5.Thou Shalt get they story running from the first paragraph ?
    Thou Shalt get thy story running from the first paragraph.
    Still, it's good advice *grin*

  3. Thank you. Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain, and then my brain stubbornly reads what it thinks should be there. 😉 Fixed.

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