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[Writer Resources] Social Media Sites for Book Lovers

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Social Media Sites for Book Lovers

Social Media tailored to readers.

Discover new books and authors
Share reviews
Meet people with the same taste in books

There are multiple sites out there designed for readers to find and share their favorite books. The granddaddy of all these sites is Goodreads, and despite recent growing pains, it won’t be knocked off the throne anytime soon.

I’ve listed the sites in order of their Alexa ranking to give some objective reference for the number of people that use a site and the overall influence it has on the Internet. The lower the number the higher the impact. This order is based on numbers collected on 29 Sept 2013.

Primarily English

  1. Goodreads (275)
  2. LibraryThing (12,933)
  3. Shelfari (29,207)
  4. Bookcrossing (39,312)
  5. BookLikes (109,392)
  6. Riffle (265,980) If you like Pinterest, give this one a shot. They have a great visual interface. I see their popularity rising.
  7. Revish (347,692)
  8. Reader2 (568,812)
  9. Booklamp (1,044,787) This is another site that is brand new but has great potential. Home to the Book Genome Project, it is to books what Pandora is to music. 
  10. BookRabbit (1,740,214)
Language specific sites. I’d love to have more of these.

  1. LovelyBooks
Do you use a site I missed? Leave me a comment, and I’ll add it.
Which do you use and why?

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  1. In Italy many readers use Anobii (even in ways I don't really like). It's difficult for them to migrate to Goodreads, because it's still half in English and we are not generally good with foreign languages.

  2. Oh, that is helpful. Thank you. I'll add a section that is language specific.

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