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[Writer Resources] Piktochart

Social media and blog posts that contain images generate 53% more interaction and attention.

Piktochart gives you templates to create free infographics with no design experience necessary.

Book infographic ideas:

  • Overview of your new novel, giving readers a character guide, maps to locations, and teasers from the story line.
  • Information related to the theme of your book. Food? Give them recipes and restaurant guides. Horse racing? Give them breeds, a breakdown of how betting works, and a list previous winners.
  • Location is everything. Pick the city where your book is set (real or imagined) and pitch it like you are the head of the tourism bureau.

The basic package is free and includes a Piktochart watermark. The have a one time package price for a month of access, as well as an ongoing package if you become an infographic-making fool.

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  1. That's actually very cool. I'm sure I'm too lazy to try it, but I can see how useful and attention-getting it would be.

  2. It is a fun and different way to say the same things. 😀

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