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Pigs are flying, and Elizabeth is on vacation.

As some of your have heard through the grapevine over the last few weeks, my family is taking me scuba diving for Mother’s Day. I’m not sure how mom-focused this present is given that my sons had to be certified and outfitted with gear to be able to go with me, but I’m excited about it all the same. 😉

However, this means that I will be out of the country and without internet from May 12-19. This is the first time that I will be completely away from even portable contact since Dreamspinner started.

If you need immediate help, you can contact:

edit @ for editing and production questions
office @ for payment, ordering or shipping questions
paul @ for questions about cover art or promotional images
ariel @ or for ​q​uestions about social media, events or promotion
reviews @ for questions about reviews or review sites

All other questions needing an immediate response can be sent to our operations manager, Tammy May, at tammy @​

*waves* See you on the 20th if they don’t have to check me into a rest facility somewhere due to internet withdrawal.


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