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[Tuesday Tips] Amazon for Readers & Writers

How do you maximize sales and exposure on Amazon?


Amazon has millions of books. How is a reader ever going to find mine?

  1. Make sure your listing is complete. It may take Amazon several days (even a week or two) to show a complete listing, but two weeks after your release date, the book entry should include: a cover image, a blurb, a link to other editions (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), and the “Search Inside the Book” feature. If it doesn’t, contact your publisher.
  2. Use Author Central. Create an author page on Amazon and make sure it is kept up to date. Provide a bio and a picture if you wish. Link all your titles to your author page. If you have a blog, you can feed it to your Amazon author page.
  3. Tag your books. Provide relevant keywords to tag your book. Tags help a book appear more accurately in search results. Find more information on Tags HERE.
  4. Encourage readers to leave a review. If a reader contacts you to compliment your book, ask them if they would mind leaving a review for the book on Amazon to help other readers find it. It doesn’t have to be a long or detailed review. A single sentence and rating are sufficient. Include a link that will take them directly to the review screen for your book. The easier you make it for them to leave a review, the higher the chance they will do it.


One of the biggest ways to support your favorite author is by helping them gain exposure on Amazon, so I’ve included a section in this post directed to readers. Want more books from your favorite author? Help them sell the books they’ve already published.

  1. Buy your books from Amazon. The higher the Amazon sales ranking, the more Amazon recommends it.
  2. Rate books on Amazon. Even if you don’t buy your books from Amazon, you can rate and review your favorites. The higher a book is rated, the more Amazon recommends it.
  3. Was this review helpful? After every review on Amazon, there is the question “Was this review helpful to you?” Click YES for reviews that agree with your opinion about a book. The more helpful a review, the higher it will appear in the list, letting other readers find it easily.
  4. “Like” books on Amazon. There is a “Like” button to the right of the title. This isn’t related to Facebook. It is Amazon’s own internal “Liking” system.
  5. “Like” authors on Amazon. See above. You can “Like” an author from their author page. To find an author’s page on Amazon search for the author’s name.
  6. Tag books with keywords. See the Tag books item in the author’s section above.

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